Friday, March 22nd 2019

Deck Building Tips

NYC decks start at a price of ~$10k and there is definitely no open end. In our gallery you’ve probably seen decks that cost $500k or even more.

When considering putting a deck on your roof remember the following:

1. Be aware of your budget. Make sure to set a budget and don’t let anyone go beyond that. There is always ways to improve the deck, which will blow you away, but they cost big bucks.

2. Filing fees, architects and lawyers. NYC’s filing laws are confusing and even lawyers are never 100% sure what tod expect. A lot of contractors will claim that filing with them is almost guaranteed, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Also be aware that filing will put serious limitiation on what you can to your deck. Most decks that you see have been build before certain fire regulations were in place or are just simply illegal, which means that when selling your apartment/house (& deck) you’ll be forced to take it down or sell for a different value than if you would have sold it as a filed deck.

3. Materials. The weather in NYC can be rough and even tropical wood can only weather so many storms before getting bad. Decks are constructed fo 20 years of usage. Not more and with the cold winters and sunny summers, you can be sure that 20 years is the max if you decide for real wood.

4. Delivery of materials. When getting a quote from a contractor , make sure that delivery is included.

5. …please email us if you have more ideas.



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